The Riecito Maché, Monseñor Marcos Sergio Godoy Parish, Mara County, Zulia.
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This Caño Seco website is designed to provide the general public with information of the proposed Casablanca Clean Coal Technology Coal Mine Project, and on Caño Seco's Social and Community Program.

This website contains a considerable amount of information on the clean coal technologies which will be used to mine, transport and store Casablanca coal.

We believe that the website information provides clear reasons why the use of new clean coal technologies will ensure that the proposed Casablanca coal mine project will not have any adverse effects on the environment or on local communities. Those technologies are not used in old fashioned mines.


We suggest that a new visitor to this website should limit their initial visit to the content of the three main files: the “General Description” of the Casablanca Project; the “Social and Community Program”; and the “Virtual Reality & Video Sequences”.
The main file entitled “General Description” includes separate sections each generally describing different elements of the project. The text of these sections often includes reference to two different options to view additional information: CLICK TO ZOOM and CLICK HERE TO VIEW THAT REPORT.

The CLICK TO ZOOM feature relates only to various images and provides access to enlarged versions of those images. A new visitor to the website should make use of this feature.

The CLICK HERE TO VIEW THAT REPORT feature provides access to five subfiles which contain detailed technical papers on specific technical issues such as “Modern Underground Coal Mining Methods” and “Mine Coal Mine Water Management Systems” and a “Proposed Modern Occupational Health and Safety Management System”. We suggest a new visitor to this website should not use the CLICK HERE TO VIEW THAT REPORT feature until they have become familiar with the general information available in the three main files of this website.

Other information on Cano Seco's activities may be obtained by using the Contact Us feature of this website or by email to or by making contact with the Caño Seco Maracaibo, Venezuela office. Phone, fax and email contact details for these offices are included in this website.

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